GFA Recreational Gymnastics

Calling all those who have dreams of flying through the air on bars, tumbling at speed across the floor, and springing on beam…

Recreational classes are back at Te Wero!

Yusssss! Finally we are able to open the doors again to our recreational gymnasts. Welcome back – we’ve missed you! 

Why Te Wero Gymnastics?

Because we’re passionate about gymnastics. And we’re really good at what we do. Did you know that the current Canterbury STEP 8 team is entirely made up of gymnasts from Te Wero? Plus, one of our senior gymnasts, Jun McDonald, was selected for the New Zealand team just before lockdown.

We’re a small club punching way above our weight mainly because our head coaches, Jozsi Ferencz and Svetlana Sazonova, are amazing at what they do. And their insight and expertise permeates all our programmes – especially our recreational classes.

New badge programme on its way

Another good reason to join Te Wero again: we’re in the process of introducing a really fun new badge programme where gymnasts can achieve, celebrate their successes at the end of each term with a display of skills for proud parents, and work towards some highly sought-after badges.

Our values

Te Wero gymnastics is about achieving personal bests – inside and outside the gym. It’s about setting a goal and going for it. About challenging yourself and working hard. It’s about being kind. Especially to yourself. Remembering it’s ok to fail, a mistake is just another learning opportunity. And staying positive. And celebrating successes small and large!

Phew. That’s a lot of cool stuff.

Why gymnastics?

Did we mention fun?! Plus, did you know that gymnastics is the world’s number one ‘feeder’ sport? So many athletes, dancers and martial arts experts here in New Zealand and around the world get their start in gymnastics, and go on to accomplish personal bests in other sports. That’s because gymnastics helps develop fantastic balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance.

So, even if it turns out gymnastics isn’t the ‘be all and end all’, your child will have gained skills and strength that will help them in many other sports… and the biggest sport of all, life.


Class costs

Weekly 1 hour training session: $17.50 per session ($70.00 per month)

Weekly 1.5 hour training session: $25.50 per session ($102.00 per month)

Please note, Te Wero now charges by the month, not per term. This means you and your budding gymnast can enjoy gymnastics almost all year round.

If you decide gymnastics is no longer for you, please give us at least one month’s warning. We are a small club recovering from the ills of Covid-19 so we need to financially plan for your departure and the impact it may have on your class and coach.

The details (just in case you’ve forgotten!):

Te Wero Gymnastics

Shortland Street



Telephone: 022 677 1626


Register Now

GFA 1 hour session 5-7 year olds

Mondays & Thursdays       3:30 - 4:30pm

GFA 1.5 hour session 7+ 

Mondays                               4.30 - 6.00 - By invitation only - please email to request an assessment

Wednesdays                         3.30 - 5.00  

Fridays                                  4:30 - 6:00


PLEASE NOTE when registering, a child can either be enrolled in a class or placed on a wait list if the class is full:

  • enrolment in a class: a child is confirmed in a class after an invoice has been received via email and paid. The invoice sends automatically upon completing the registration process. Class placement is not confirmed until paid.
  • placed on a wait list: if an invoice is not received the child IS NOT enrolled. When on the wait list an orange "wait list" button is highlighted next to the class in the child's registration details. A child is moved from the wait list when a place becomes available and an invoice will be emailed. This confirms the child is enrolled in the class starting immediately pending payment

I have enrolled - what else do I need to know:

  • Children can wear either bike pants or leggings or shorts with a fitted T-shirt or leotard.  Please ensure the clothing is reasonably tight fitting and not baggy

  • For safety reasons clothing should not have buttons, buckles or zips as these can catch on the equipment.

  • For safety reasons all long hair must be tied in a platt.

  • Shoes are not allowed on the gym floor and children wear socks or bare feet. 

  • When the children arrive they can leave their shoes, bag, etc in gymnast area.

  • A Coach will come up to waiting area to call the class - you should head straight upstairs when you arrive.  

  • If you are late please ask your child to join their group or come into the office for a staff member to take them into the main gym area.
  • Parents are requested not to come onto the floor at any time.  The waiting area is available for viewing the class your child is enrolled in.

***** Please note Te Wero Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have a sufficient number of registrations. Parents will be notified and be offered a different class option should this occur.