Schools, PreSchools & Other User Groups

Are you struggling to meet the requirements of the curriculum?  

Do you lack the specialist equipment and coaching expertise necessary for the delivery and safety of the sport?  Do you have premises constraints? Gymnastics is the foundation of all movement!  We can help by offering the following sessions! 

HAVE A GO  Students have a one off visit to our gymnasium and experience the gymsports of gymnastics and trampolining. The gymnasium is set up for circuits and students move through these in a fun, encouraging and structured atmosphere. 

BLOCK COURSES These are usually a six week skill building programme. Your students will receive quality coaching and experience the 6 dominant movement patterns while introducing new skills each week. Rotations, Statics, Manipulation, Landings, Locomotion, Swing and Spring! 

COST  Costs range start from $7.00pp + GST for 1 hour gym time to $9.00pp + GST for 1.5 hours minimum of 10 children. You may have a teacher who is able to coach a group under the guidance of the gym supervisor, in which case costs will be less. Please enquire about our discounts. 

COACHES  Provided at a ratio of 1.10. Our staffs are Gymnastics New Zealand qualified coaches, judges and examiners. 

VENUE  Our gymnasium is a purpose fit facility situated at 118a Shortland Street, Wainoni, Christchurch. 


  • Gymnastics is an excellent contributor to fitness. 
  • Gymnastics is inherently enjoyable and a social activity. 
  • Fun and fitness are achieved in a continuous activity setting. 
  • Gymnastics is a suitable activity for mixed sex classes. 
  • Children can participate at a level appropriate to their stage of growth and development. 
  • Gymnastics is based around the six dominant movement patterns - rotation, swing, spring, statics, landings , locomotion - the basis of all other physical sporting activities.

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