Spectrum Gym

Physical fun, expression and fitness – sound good so far? Then come and join a Te Wero gymnastics class specifically designed for kids on the autism spectrum.

Te Wero Spectrum Gym offers a structured programme for children with a variety of needs and abilities. You and your child can have a whole lot of fun, while also learning and improving real life skills.

Did you know that gymnastics can help advance gross/fine motor skills, coordination and balance, the following of directions, expressive language, self-esteem and confidence? It can also improve cognition due to continual brain-body connection. Additionally, gymnastics uses conceptual themes (apart/together, in front/behind, stop/go), which children can learn and use in everyday life.

But most importantly, Spectrum Gym is a chance for physical fun and challenge. With help from you, (a parent or trusted adult), your child will use balance beams, tumbling mats, bars, vault and the trampoline.

Spectrum Gym classes maintain the same structure and order of events each week. There is one coach per class with a maximum of 10 children to optimise learning, play and the creation of a safe and supportive space. Please note: Every child must have an accompanying adult

Parents/Caregivers/Support Worker must be on the floor at all times assisting your child. 

$132.00 per term

Ages 5+

Sundays 1.00-2.00pm