Te Wero (‘The Challenge’) was born in 2016 when the hopes and dreams of two international calibre coaches collided with a small group of young gymnasts who wanted to be their best.

With a passion for artistic gymnastics coursing through their veins, coaches Jozsi Ferencz and Svetlana Sazonova, along with a small team of parents, picked up the challenge and began to build a club around a new philosophy.

They yearned for an environment where children could be seen as individuals, receive high quality coaching, feel challenged in the best way possible, and at the same time feel part of a nurturing community.

They also wanted an antidote to the Big Club scene where the voices of individuals were sometimes unheard and the needs of children went unnoticed in the buzz of a large gym.

Thanks to those dreams and hard work, Te Wero is now a small whanau-friendly club in the Eastern suburbs of Christchurch punching high above its weight on the national stage.

Whatever the age or ability, we coach and empower our gymnasts to be their best – and to have fun along the way! We are huge believers in improving physical fitness and mobility; assisting with emotional and mental well-being; building self-esteem and confidence; and encouraging determination and perseverance.

All our programmes encourage gymnasts to meet challenges head-on and do the same in everyday life.

Te Wero is an incorporated club and registered charity. It is overseen by a management committee elected by Te Wero’s members.