Pre Schools and School Programme

Group Bookings Rates 
1 hour session $8.00+GST per child 
(based on min 15 children; max 40 children) 

Option 1) Introductory’ – 18months to 5 years of age; 8:1 child/coach ratio & teacher/parent supervision 
Non-structured; exploration PlayGym; experience gathering, socialization; familiarisation with equipment and learn fundamental movement patterns eg; hand/eye co-ordination; gross motor skills. Parent/caregiver supervision required.

Option 2) ‘Beginners’ – 3 to 5 years of age; 8:1 child/coach ratio & teacher/parent supervision 
Structured; Fundamental movement patterns and basic gymnastic movements. Progression in physical movement, focus, and attention and development of strength, balance, body control and awareness. Parent/caregiver supervision required.

Option 3) ‘Intermediate/Advanced’ – 4 to 5 years of age; 6:1 child/coach ratio.
Structured; Further progression of fundamental movements and gymnastic skills. This class is a valuable pathway to Recreational Classes or Pre-Competitive Gymnastics. Our Te Wero Preschool Programmes are available on-site or at a visiting Preschool/Kindergarten. 


All school programmes are planned to suit each individual school and their specific needs and goals.
Option 1) 'Give-It-A-Go' @ Te Wero One-off Taster Days.
Option 2) Te Wero Succession Plan - a 4-6-8 week fun and development plan.
Option 3) Te Wero Mobile Gym Fun - Our Te Wero coaching team brings basic skill development and fitness through fun and challenge to your school.